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13 May

The Surprising Mr Blond

I went to one of those intreminable seminars that various bodies hold occassionally to seem like “learning” or “thinking” organisations. My interest was piqued by the fact that Phillip Blond from ResPublica was appearing. His is the think tank du jour, with numerous public utterances and appearences and apparently a major influence on the present government.

According to the sound bites I was expecting a right wing analysis of the country’s present problems and possible solutions. My expectations were totally dashed as he spoke of the “de-capitalisation of British society”, and the turning of into a “rentier” economy! All this in front of a predominately Conservative audience. The Marxist analysis seems to wash over the audience but his message was very nuanced while seeming to, refreshingly, disregard any belief in right or left.

He gave a great presentation, lightened with humour but at the same time making some very deep points. You can look up his writings easily enough while the ResPublica website is linked here

At the most basic, he seems to be saying that if you want a “better” society, you have to give people a stake in it at many different levels. His most devasting set of statistics were the ones showing the continued concentration of wealth. We can excuse the Conservatives but what excuse does the Labour party have?

I asked him the question whether he got annoyed when only parts of his solutions are taken on? He said he was happy just being heard and if only some bits are taken up even better.

I wonder if the Coalition Government will take his full message on board of some sort re-capitalisation or even re-distribution of wealth?