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17 September

The Real Front Line

We were honoured to be visited by Inspector General of Police from the province of NWFP, Pakistan, Malik Naveed Khan. He was in the UK on a brief visit and we persuaded him to visit my home town of Aylesbury.

We had originally arranged a low key visit to the local Police to re-establish contacts. He had been interviewed by Newsnight and suddenly he was conducting interviews all day. He had an extensive interview broadcast that night outlining the conflict currently taking place in Pakistan

He is directly in the front line, having felt directly the consequences when his cousin and my friend was killed by a suicide bomber even though he had 24 bodyguards around him. Consequently his life is severly curtailed with little or no social life because his being somewhere is not just a threat to him but to all those around him, he pays a heavy price for doing his duty.

What annoys me most about the West’s reaction to Pakistan’s efforts is the price the people of Pakistan are paying. He told of us of nearly 2 million internally displaced people! Imagine that in Britain! Pakistan a relatively poor country has to cope with that while a terrorist threat kills indiscriminately from former Prime Minister Bhutto to poor people going about their everyday business. I was there in March and missed two bombs going off by the good fortune of good timing.

Scores of police have been and are being killed and yet they are still relatively poorly paid and equipped. I have asked Thames Valley Police to help by offerring their redundant equipment that may be of help. Also in the week that saw the conviction of the “liquid” bombers from this area, just exchanging communication links maybe of help.

Pakistan is not helped by a kleptocratic ruling elite but there are people like the Inspector General who are trying their best in the worst of circumstances and we should be doing our outmost to help.